CV Europe is part of a global Christian ministry with evangelism at  the heart of all we do. Founded in 1988, CV’s strong desire is to serve and equip Christians, and the local church, in their evangelistic endeavours.


We work to see impact in three key areas:

1. Introducing people to Jesus;
2. Mobilising Christians to evangelise; and
3 .Resourcing the Church with free digital content and knowledge.


Out of these focus areas, we provide proven and effective platforms that:

  • Inspire, train and equip Christians to share their faith;
  • Enable local churches to connect with people searching for answers online;
  • Provide free, high quality digital content that churches and organisations can download and share;
  • Share knowledge and learnings in digital evangelism and mission;
  • Build the local church in areas of particular opportunity


We are fully funded so don’t seek financial partners, but we do believe in the power of partnership; that our collective impact can be exponentially greater when mission-focussed organisations join together in purposeful relationships.

We therefore welcome and cultivate partnership that build the Kingdom of God. Together, we can reach more people with the Gospel!


CV Resources is an online library of free, downloadable high- quality videos for churches and ministries to use to share the gospel and inspire their congregations.

CV Training is an online space for churches and individual Christians to learn how to reach more people for Jesus. Designed to increase effective evangelism globally, CV Training provides free video lessons from highly skilled people across tried and tested methods.

yesHEis equips young adult Christians to confidently share Jesus with anyone in their world. Recognising that many find sharing their faith difficult, yesHEisprovides Christians with shareable evangelistic videos and training content to inspire and challenge them along their faith sharing journey.